Joining Kaushal & Company is a career decision certain to be rewarding. You will be given opportunities that lead to both professional and personal satisfaction.

Kaushal & Company offers you all the benefits associated with a large accounting firm, as well as the advantages normally found in a smaller organization. You will gain extensive practical experience and be able to develop a wide range of job skills. Because of our size, you will be working in an organization where the efforts of bright, hard-working men and women are easily recognized and rewarded.

You will be involved in a variety of assignments from start to finish giving you diverse business experience and a sense of purpose and responsibility. With a strong desire and commitment, your professional progress and training will grow rapidly.

What We Look For

If you have limited experience, that could be a good fit for both you and for Kaushal & Company. You are more likely to succeed at Kaushal & Company, if you can:

• Think and work analytically;
• Cooperate and work well with others in team environments;
• Thrive on challenging work assignments;
• Aim to find the best solutions for our clients; and
• Use your knowledge and talent to develop our practice.

Preparing for Student Programs

Success. That’s what joining Kaushal & Company is all about. We all know that under CASB, CA students are expected to demonstrate their competency. Our hands-on training, combined with your competency based education, will provide you with the skills required to successfully challenge the UFE.

Our Values

Current employees say the same thing…Kaushal & Company is a great place to work! You can expect:

  • A supportive and encouraging work environment;
  • Ample room for growth and opportunity; and;
  • A commitment to help you succeed in your career.

Kaushal & Company recognizes that its strength lies in its people. Therefore, we encourage all of our team members to lead a balanced lifestyle and to take time for their personal lives.

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