Quality and personal service – the most important factors in the accounting relationship. We have the resources, the patience and the understanding to deal with all financial aspects of your business and personal affairs.

Assurance & Advisory Services

Kaushal & Company professionals provide our clients with a full range of audit and accounting services throughout the life cycle of their organizations. Our services provide exceptional value to clients by increasing their understanding of their financial status.

Our professionals take the time to get to know clients and the specific issues they face.

In addition, we have established stringent policies and a quality control system that adhere to both professional standards and applicable laws and regulations. We hire talented, knowledgeable people and invest in continuous training and tools to help them keep up-to-date with regulatory changes. Our reputation for providing professional services in an ethical, independent and objective manner is integral to our success.

Small Business

Kaushal & Company’s services for small business entrepreneurs will help you get your business started by registering your company with government agencies and assisting with the setup of your computerized accounting records.

We will take care of your reporting requirements so that you can focus your energy on building your business, developing new clientele and chasing your dreams.

Our Small Business services include:

• Audits
• Reviews
• Compilations
• Bookkeeping
• Software installation

Succession Planning

Developing and implementing a well-designed succession plan is necessary for the survival of a family business from one generation to the next.

There are six main benefits to implementing such a plan, which include:

• providing for heirs and the funding the leader’s retirement;
• preparing for contingencies;
• heading off family disputes;
• enabling an orderly transition;
• ensuring the continuity of your business; and
• building a legacy to pass onto other family members.

At Kaushal & Company, our succession planning services offer a framework for helping you develop a practical succession plan.

We can help you pass on what has taken you a lifetime to build. Your plan is customized to business and personal goals that reflect your values.

Family-Owned or Privately-Owned Companies

At Kaushal & Company, it is our goal to provide our clients with a full range of Assurance & Advisory Services that can help them create, build and protect value. We take into account the life cycle of a company and provide a wide range of services that support clients’ continued success. Our services to family-owned and privately-owned businesses include:

• Audits, reviews and compilations
• Accounting system reviews
• Bookkeeping assistance
• Budget development and analysis
• Cash-flow analysis
• Conflict resolution
• Control and operation improvement recommendations
• Cost and financial analysis
• Estate & Trust planning
• Financial statement preparation
• Forecasts and projections
• Internal audit
• Management and internal control studies
• Succession planning
• Tax planning and compliance

Personal Client Services

Kaushal & Company provides a full range of services designed for individuals and families. We know it is important to get to know clients and the specific issues they face. Building trust, providing quality services and responding to clients’ unique needs are paramount. Some of our personal client services include:

• Estate and succession planning
• Insurance analysis and risk management
• Tax planning and compliance
• Trust planning
• Wealth management


Kaushal & Company provides tax minimization strategies which are tailored to your circumstances so that you will pay less tax. Of course when you pay less tax, you will have more money to reinvest in your business or to provide yourself with a more secure financial future.

Our firm will keep you informed of all the latest legislative changes so that you can react quickly to any new tax planning opportunities.

We know that tax strategies are important as government agencies always want more tax from you and business. We know the rules and we’re here to help you.

Our Tax services include:

• Corporate structuring
• Estate planning
• Sales taxes
• U.S. cross-border services

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